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The Liquidator Vs. Hydro-Man

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My FOOM contest entry, The Liquidator. (Kinda short for a villain, isn’t he?)

In 1972, Marvel Comics launched a new fan club called FOOM (Friends of Ol’Marvel). The goodies that members received included a subscription to FOOM Magazine which was edited by by Jim Steranko for the first year.

The editorial of the first issue included a contest announcement:

Marvel announces a character contest in FOOM #1. Note the “All entries become the property of Marvel Comics Group” at the end.

I entered the contest with a villain called The Liquidator:

Contest entrants, including meĀ  (enlarge the picture and you’ll see my name in the left column, row 18), were listed in FOOM #2

I neither won nor received one of the many honorable mentions:

Kirby-esque contest winner Humus Sapiens in FOOM #3

However, a few years ago I was amused to discover Hydro-Man, a villain introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #212:

This villain possessed several of the powers that I had given The Liquidator. According to Wikipedia:

Hydro-Man is able to bodily transform himself into a watery liquid substance; he can access secure areas and small openings with relative ease; when his bodily mass is dispersed in this form it simply reforms, albeit slowly depending on how far apart the mass was. All of Hydro-Man’s cells remain fully under his control when he is in his liquid state. Hydro-Man can also merge with and manipulate larger bodies of water when he is in his water form. He can increase his mass and cause tidal waves. He can turn parts of his body to liquid while retaining the rest of his human form, allowing him to slip from a foe’s grasp or have projectiles like bullets harmlessly pass through him. Through great mental exertion, Hydro-Man can also turn to ice and steam. Other examples of manipulating his watery form include firing off small streams such as a fire hose, shaping parts of his body into ‘solid-water’, constructs, and mixing himself with other compounds for different effects.


The contest winner’s character was supposed to have guest starred in a Marvel comic. According to Wikipedia (again), Humus Sapiens did appear in a Marvel comic, but it was one that was published 28 years later in Thunderbolts #55 (Sept. 2001)!

UPDATE: November 10, 2011

Bleeding Cool Comics put up a post in which it’s pointed out that the current co-publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDio, was one of the entrants, as “Danny Didio, ” although I was actually more interested to see James (The Crow) O’Barr’s name near the middle of the last column on the right.

Here’s the list of entrants from FOOM #4 (which does not repeat entrants already published in #2):