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Murphy’s Law


Yesterday, at the Zombieland: Double Tap premiere in Westwood, I notched my sixth attempt to get our La La Land one-sheet signed by Emma Stone. It’s already signed by Damian Chazelle, Justin Hurwitz, and Ryan Gosling and each of them signed it on our first attempt.

But getting Emma Stone’s signature on it has turned into an epic quest. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a curse involved because of the seemingly infinite number of things that go wrong to prevent us from getting her signature on this poster.

Here’s the story so far:

FIRST ATTEMPT: Battle of the Sexes premiere, Westwood, September 2017. We arrived as early as we could, but Stone was already signing and it was impossible to get overcome the large crowd between her and our large poster. We also waited for her to exit the theater. At least she waved.

TIME SPENT: About 2 hours (not counting the commute, to and from).

SECOND ATTEMPT: Marie Claire Image Maker Award, West Hollywood, January 2018. Stone came out from the red carpet photo call area, and walked a line of paparazzi and a smaller number of autograph collectors on her way to the front door. She passed right by the poster, while signing a few items for others. We waited hoping she would sign on the way out only to learn she went out the back.

TIME SPENT: About 6 hours

THIRD ATTEMPT: The Favourite, Westwood premiere, November 2018. Due to state-wide (but not local) fires, the red carpet part of the premiere was canceled. We arrived around 6AM hoping for a good spot and did not find out about the cancellation until hours later. We still had hope and ended up waiting near the theater’s exit. She left via the front door. She apparently signed a few on the way in or the way out, but we were in the back. We never even saw her.

TIME SPENT: About 13 hours

FOURTH ATTEMPT: The Favourite screening at the Academy. Day after the Westwood premiere, November 2018. Compared to the premiere, there were next to no one waiting for her. However, one of them walked up the alley where the limos were waiting. This is a no-no. It’s impossible to know if this killed our chance, but when she came out she stepped right into the limo. Once again, we did not even see her.

TIME SPENT: About 2 hours

FIFTH ATTEMPT: AFI Awards Luncheon, January 5, 2019. Her limo stopped right in front of us exiting the hotel, before driving into the main road. There was no one else around. Ideal situation. But she ignored us.

TIME SPENT: About 4 hours

SIXTH ATTEMPT: Zombieland: Double Tap, Westwood premiere. October 10, 2019. I got there a bit later than I wanted, but still early: 930AM. Turns out, the position was fine because she started at the end of the line, not the front. However, what happened beyond a reasonable doubt proves once and for all that in our attempt to get Emma Stone to sign our La La Land poster, Murphy’s Law applies. If anything can go wrong to prevent her signing the poster, IT WILL GO WRONG.

Just as she was about to sign the poster, someone hit her in the head with a board. Her angry face appeared and she skipped our section, but continued signing up the line. Once again, we tried to get her going in and coming out of the theater, but this time she didn’t even go in. She went straight from the “brown” carpet to her limo, apparently flying out that night back to the London set of Cruella.

TIME SPENT: 10.5 hours

TOTAL TIME SPENT (SO FAR): 37.5 hours (I said it was an epic quest.)

Will Cruella’s Hollywood premiere (in 2021) be our seventh attempt? Stay tuned.


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