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Stanley Kubrick Exhibit Coming to Los Angeles

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The current issue of Cinema Retro (Vol. 7: Issue #21) includes some news of interest to fans of Stanley Kubrick. At the end of the article by Raymond Benson about A Clockwork Orange, which begins on page 12, there are these news tidbits:

1. Jan Harlan (brother-in-law and assistant to Kubrick): “I am currently working with the publishers Taschen on further projects.” He provides no further information.

2. The Stanley Kubrick exhibition, which was a big success at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris earlier this year, will come to Los Angeles–its first appearance in the U.S.–in 2012. More information about the Paris exhibit can be found here and here, and you can view a short video of it here. Further research reveals that the exhibit is going to be at LACMA next Fall, but an official announcement from the museum apparently has yet to be made. Apparently, the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA was the museum’s most popular exhibit ever. I doubt  the Kubrick exhibit will challenge Burton’s popularity, but I do expect that it will be more interesting. In any case, hopefully these exhibits are a sign of things to come, that is, more film related exhibitions at  our museums. Film is, after all, the seventh art.

3. Harlan was also asked about the the newly discovered footage that Kubrick cut from 2001 shortly after its premiere. He said that he had not yet seen it. Is it too much of a pipedream to hope that this footage finds its way into the LACMA exhibit?

UPDATE: 3/22/12

The exhibit opens October 28, 2012.


Written by David Kilmer

November 11, 2011 at 11:20 am

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