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Outer Limits: The Mutant

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Warren Oates as "The Mutant" in an episode of Outer Limits

According to The Golden Labyrinth: The Unique Films of Guillermo Del Toro by Steve Earles:

[Del Toro’s] fascination with horror films began when he stayed up late without his parent’s permission to watch The Outer Limits episode “The Mutant.” He got terrified by the make-up that was created for Warren Oates in that episode, and he went to bed really scared. His older brother put two plastic fried eggs over his face and his mother’s stocking over his head and crept into Guillermo’s room, further scaring him.

Did this episode merely scare Del Toro or scar him for life?


Written by David Kilmer

September 23, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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