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Growing a Backbone: Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone

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A lesson learned in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone

Are revenge narratives merely the means to provide the hero with a circumstance in which he or she can kill with impunity and justification? The above scene is from The Devil’s Backbone, a film which evinces sympathy for leftist causes, but it could just as easily be from a film such as Lord of the Flies, which draws upon a conservative view of human nature. No matter what the story, no matter the ideology of the producers, the end product is the same: murder!

UPDATE 1/16/12

My father mentioned that he’d seen Fincher’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. This film is a good example of a revenge fantasy, and what I ask above applies to it as much as any film. Some may think that this kind of thing is limited to low budget horror films, but this is far from the case.


Written by David Kilmer

September 5, 2011 at 7:31 am

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