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Trippy Animation: Euphoria by Vincent Collins

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This is the kind of animation you don’t see much of nowadays. When I did my book, The Animated Film Collector’s Guide, I was disappointed to discover that Vincent Collins’ films were not available on home video. The best I could do was to track down a VHS cover for a release that was long out of print, as well as sources for two of his later, lesser, films. But that’s long ago, and now all of his films can be watched thanks to Youtube. My favorite is “Euphoria.” Collins’ films in general are a return to the roots of animation in metamorphosis, something that was largely lost when animation became character driven. (See the film below, “Fantasmagorie” by Émile Cohl, for a great example of early metamorphosis animation.)

Watching these films on Youtube is not as impressive as it was when projected on the big screen back in the Seventies when it was included in such compilations as the International Tournée of Animation. Something is lost, as with most films, but I’m glad it’s available to be seen in any form.

Why was there a spurt of independently produced animation shorts in the USA during the Seventies? Perhaps this title card at the end of “Euphoria” provides a clue:

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August 13, 2011 at 5:40 pm