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Book Review: Creative Destruction: The Late Films of Michael Bay

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What is Michael Bay saying? Here’s your chance to win a No-Prize by putting words in Michael Bay’s mouth!

Creative Destruction: The Late Films of Michael Bay by Tyrone Bloom. Armaggedon Press: Los Angeles, 2011. 85 pages. (Price point unknown.)

This one really caught me off-guard. In other words, I was totally blindsided by its brilliance. Frankly, I expected this book to be nothing but yet another attempt to cash in on the Transformers juggernaut,  following it as it rolls down the gold-paved highway. Boy, was I wrong.

Creative Destruction: The Late Films of Michael Bay is made up entirely of images of things being blown up in Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy. There are no words, not one, yet, despite this, the book’s thesis, that Michael Bay’s images of destruction are really nothing less than the expression of a profound Utopian desire to make the world a better place, is brilliantly argued. This reader, at least, was 100% convinced. It was a stroke of genius on the part of Mr. Bloom to forgo words because it fits the subject so well. Others may have not been able to resist adding a word or two to help put forth their argument, but Bloom courageously resisted this temptation. The result is sheer brilliance and even one word would have ruined the overall effect. (However, it is a shame that the author was bound by tradition to respect, no doubt begrudgingly, the convention of having a title page, thus displaying the book’s title.)

I am forced to confess that I have completely misjudged Michael Bay and will be busy watching and re-watching each of his films for years to come trying to figure out how I managed to miss so much.  At least now I completely understand why Hasbro and ILM publicly thanked Michael Bay for the Transformers films. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful to Tyrone Bloom (odd name, I must say), who hitherto has been completely unknown to me (anyone have more information?). In conclusion, as if it’s not already clear, I cannot recommend this book enough!

Kudos to Tyrone Bloom!

Please note: this book is available at better bookstores somewhere, someplace, but not on this planet.

We’re looking for a few brave souls to use the comments section and try their hand at giving Michael Bay words to say in the image above.


Written by David Kilmer

August 10, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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