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My Version of Thor

In film school I had the habit of re-writing my classmate’s projects in my head, especially when they resembled my own projects. Since I’ve had a superhero idea that would be perfect for Thor kicking around in my head for a long time, it’s no surprise that I would want to re-write the new Thor movie to fit that idea.

Here’s a rough outline for the Thor/superhero movie I would do:

  1. Thor is on guard duty in Asgaard. Loki tells him about the formation of a new star in a distant corner of the universe. Thor’s curiosity gets the best of him and he leaves Loki to guard Asgaard in his place. Thor cannot resist witnessing the birth of a new type of star.
  2. While Thor is away, Asgaard is attacked and destroyed.
  3. Thor returns, but his exhilaration at being witness to a new star quickly turns to despair when he sees Asgaard in ruins.
  4. Thor blames himself. He strips himself of powers and memories, and sends himself hurtling through the cosmos.
  5. Thor ends up on a planet which turns out to be Earth. He has no memory of being a god.
  6. Years later, we find Thor living as an accountant in suburbia. He has a wife, kids, and a dog.
  7. Thor has been experiencing strange dreams about the stars. He is undergoing treatment for a phobia of the stars. He cannot look at the stars without becoming nauseous.
  8. The thing or things that destroyed Asgaard come to Earth planning to destroy it.
  9. Thor remembers who he is, that he is, in fact, a god, and that he must be this god again to save Earth.
  10. Thor attempts to defeat the invaders alone, but he is captured.
  11. The people of Asgaard turn out not to have been killed. All of the people of Earth are former residents of Asgaard. They are all gods.
  12. Thor helps the other Earthlings realize who they really are, and together they defeat the invaders.
  13. Asgaard is rebuilt on Earth.

Is a script written? You bet! Of course, the hero need not be Thor, but it works quite well with the Thor (public domain) mythology. In any case, this idea would not work for Marvel as a setup for other Marvel movies.

In any case, I don’t need to make this a Thor story. I don’t especially like Thor as a cosmic hero. His hammer, in particular, makes me think of him more as an Earth-bound character rather than one who is drawn to the stars. I also don’t have much use for Odin. But overall the story works with a cast that includes Thor and Asgaard.


Written by David Kilmer

May 11, 2011 at 1:53 pm