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Alternate Endings

Recently I posted alternate endings for War of the Worlds and Theater of Blood.

There is a rhyme and a reason behind my alternate endings. Screenplay writing was one of the required classes in my film school. The class often involved pitching an idea. While others pitched, I would usually re-write their stories in my head. However, as the name “Alternate Ending” suggests, completely re-writing the films of other people is not what alternate endings are about.

So what are alternate endings about?

First, there are some simple rules:

1. The ending should be consistent with the rest of the film. An alternate ending means only an alternate ending, not a complete script revision.

2. The alternate ending should attempt to improve on the original ending.

Those are the rules. Now for the philosophy.

Doing alternate endings counters the image of the passive consumer. In the past, we have largely been offered only two choices: to buy or not to buy the ticket. Someone else made a product that we bought and consumed. End of story. Today, however, many more of us have the tools to participate in the process and alter the product. We no longer are limited to being passive consumers.

The alternate ending is a form of empowerment.

Why don’t you try it?


Written by David Kilmer

April 20, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Posted in Alternate endings