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Alternate Endings: War of the Worlds

The 2005, Steven Spielberg-directed film version of H. G. Wells’  1898 book retains many of the original’s major ideas such as the Tripods that the Martians use,

feeding on human blood via transfusion tubes,

and a family reunion at the end:

The film also retains the original’s ending wherein the Martians are defeated by microorganisms and society returns to normal.

However, there are several problems with this ending and the last image of the film suggests a different one.

The Martians’ invasion in the film has been planned for a very long time. We know this because the Tripods are said to have been buried long ago. Perhaps humans were planted like a crop and the Martians have returned to harvest us.

The reason why this simple ending doesn’t convince is because anyone who had such advanced technology and had put this much time and preparation into an invasion would have sent scouts in advance of the real invasion.

Here is my alternative ending

In my alternative ending, the Tripods and their drivers are merely the first wave of a larger invasion. They are scouts sent to test the waters.

The second wave Martians do not need giant Tripods and are, in fact, the size of mosquitoes that can suck blood from humans even more effectively than the devices shown in the film. They are not even humanoids, but micro-sized harvesting robots that cannot be killed by germs.

The last image of Tom Cruise would show him swatting what he thinks is a mosquito.

A zoom into the “mosquito” reveals that it is not what it appears to be.

The last image would be the threatening Red Planet:


Written by David Kilmer

April 19, 2011 at 10:56 am

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